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7-Day Ride Schedule

Today 10/23   -  Tue 10/24   -  Wed 10/25   -  Thu 10/26   -  Fri 10/27   -  Sat 10/28   -  Sun 10/29

Time Pace Terrain Miles Climb Starting Point Tour Cue Leader Average Climb (feet/mile) Leader Comments Tour Notes Attendees
10:00 am C C+ 52 2418 Summer Road Park, Readington 1055 Stockton for Screwballs Mike Calderaro 47 A nice ride with a great group.
10:00 am C C+ 32 1577 Pluckemin (Bedminster I) 1108 Hub Hollow & Back Tracy Brown 49 Have afternoon plans - need a shorter ride. True C pace - I hope to average 13 mph, but may be a little less given Pottersville and Mosle hills. Folks who normally D+ rides but average 13 mph should join me so I have someone to ride with!
10:00 am D+ C 35 1326 Loantaka-South St., Morris Twp. 743 Loantaka-Somerville Rd Michael Swearingen 38 No rain in the forecast. No sign-ups, no ride. Climb up Somerville Rd. is not that bad. Food at Panera.