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Starting PointLeaderTour/Ride Signup
08/01Sat7:15amD+/C+/30/1382Pluckemin (Bedminster I)David Drescher457 - Pluckemin-Mountainville 2
08/01Sat8:00amC+/A/38/2868Loantaka-South St., Morris Twp.Drew Thraen194 - Loantaka-El Camino Diablo Verde
08/01Sat8:00amC/B/38/2447Far Hills R.R.Sal Rizzo82 - Far Hills-Mountainville
08/01Sat8:00amD+/C/23/812Kittatinny St. Park - Goodale EntranceJack Brohal793 - KVSP Goodale Johnsonburg Meander
08/01Sat8:15amD+/C/28/704Loantaka-South St., Morris Twp.Carl Wheeldon778 - Great Swamp Classic
08/01Sat8:30amB/C+/51/2278White Oak Park - BranchburgPeter Miko979 - Lambertville Lucky Strike
08/01Sat8:30amC/B/38/2447Far Hills R.R.Alan Rishty82 - Far Hills-Mountainville
08/01Sat8:30amC/C/32/1235Ghost Lake, AllamuchyKathleen Caccavale484 - Ghost Lake-Fredon-Marksboro
08/01Sat8:30amD+/D/32/725Colonial Park, Lot FLes Garber555 - Colonial Princeton (Snowden)
08/01Sat8:45amC/C/34/1335Ghost Lake, AllamuchyArlene Whalen36 - Ghost Lake Double Loop
08/01Sat9:00amC/B/38/2447Far Hills R.R.George Decker82 - Far Hills-Mountainville
08/01Sat9:00amC/B/36/1976Hope Park & RideRichard Poore500 - Hope-View The Gap Plus Bagels
08/02Sun7:00amD+/C/31/1019Kittatinny St. Park - Goodale EntranceDavid Drescher625 - KVSP/Goodale - Hunts Pond **CANCELED**
08/02Sun7:30amD+/C/31/1019Kittatinny St. Park - Goodale EntranceLen Sanders625 - KVSP/Goodale - Hunts Pond **CANCELED**
08/03Mon7:30amC/C+/45/2074Loantaka-South St., Morris Twp.Noreen Drucker4 - Loantaka-Schley Mountain
08/03Mon7:45amD+/C/31/1092Loantaka-South St., Morris Twp.Jim Williams777 - Loantaka-Lib Corner, Roads Less Traveled
08/03Mon8:15amC/C+/43/1763White Oak Park - BranchburgArlene Whalen985 - Mountain Church Melody
08/03Mon8:30amC+/C+/43/2113Summer Road Park, ReadingtonJohn Parsekian164 - Stockton for City Slackers II
08/03Mon8:30amC/C/38/1422Kittatinny St. Park - Limecrest Rd.Helene Motyka921 - Hunts Pond Extended
08/03Mon8:30amD+/C/37/1284Colonial Park, Lot FLes Garber1050 - The Dude Abides
08/03Mon9:00amC/C/38/1422Kittatinny St. Park - Limecrest Rd.Jay Marowitz921 - Hunts Pond Extended **CANCELED**
08/03Mon6:30pmC/C/23/831Loantaka-South St., Morris Twp.Paulo Piedade113 - Loantaka-Great Swamp-Meyersville
08/05Wed7:00amD+/B/29/1702Loantaka-South St., Morris Twp.David Drescher947 - Loantaka to downtown M & M
08/05Wed8:00amC/C/40/1461Kittatinny St. Park - Limecrest Rd.Marvin Schwinder381 - Kittatinny-Great Meadows Ride
08/05Wed8:30amD+/C/41/1405Duke Island ParkArtur Holl695 - Somerset-Flemington-Neshanic Station
08/05Wed8:30amD+/C+/29/1227Otto Farm Parkchaim schreiber1209 - Lindberg's Lift
08/05Wed6:00pmD+/C/27/987Loantaka-South St., Morris Twp.Susan Smyth177 - Loantaka-Great Swamp-Eagles Nest
08/06Thu8:00amB/B/41/2614Pluckemin (Bedminster I)Peter Miko1084 - Over Hill and Dale and Hill and Dale
08/06Thu8:15amC/C/29/929Kittatinny St. Park - Limecrest Rd.Buz Tomasino781 - Hay Wagons and Dairy Farms
08/06Thu8:15amC/C+/43/2005Ghost Lake, AllamuchyNoreen Drucker536 - Ghost Lake-A&B bagels #2
08/06Thu8:30amB+/C+/59/2874White Oak Park - BranchburgAlex Cefalu980 - Goat Hill Fest **CANCELED**
08/06Thu8:30amD+/C+/43/2005Ghost Lake, AllamuchyJack Brohal536 - Ghost Lake-A&B bagels #2
08/06Thu8:45amD+/C+/43/2005Ghost Lake, AllamuchyKathleen Caccavale536 - Ghost Lake-A&B bagels #2
08/06Thu9:00amC/C+/35/1662Denville Savage RdArnie Cohen470 - Denville-Butler
08/06Thu2:00pmC+/C+/42/2021Ghost Lake, AllamuchyMerritt Peterson249 - Ghost Lake-Swartswood Lake
08/06Thu5:45pmTB/C+/28/1189Pluckemin (Bedminster I)Michael Shapanka1023 - Pluckemin-Pottersville Cut and Paste
08/06Thu5:45pmTD/C/25/857Loantaka-South St., Morris Twp.Sal Rizzo641 - Great Swamp Cut & Paste
08/06Thu6:00pmTC/C+/24/1080Loantaka-South St., Morris Twp.Drew Thraen301 - Loantaka-Great Swamp Circuit
08/07Fri9:30amC/B/34/1951Harry Dunham ParkAlan Rishty809 - Liberty Corner-Taylors Mill
08/08Sat7:00amD+/B/34/1749Kittatinny St. Park - Goodale EntranceDavid Drescher644 - KVSPGoodale Paralleling the Paulins Kill
08/08Sat8:00amC+/C/34/1237Loantaka-South St., Morris Twp.Drew Thraen592 - Loantaka to Livingston
08/08Sat8:15amC+/C/34/1237Loantaka-South St., Morris Twp.Mark Fischer592 - Loantaka to Livingston
08/08Sat8:30amC/C/41/1263Pluckemin (Bedminster I)Sam (Sumant) Chandiramani515 - Pluckemin-Three Bridges-Stanton
08/08Sat8:30amD+/C/36/1371Kittatinny St. Park - Goodale EntranceLen Sanders121 - KVSP / Goodale - Hunts Pond Extended
08/08Sat8:30amD+/C/38/946Colonial Park, Lot FLes Garber1043 - Leave the Gun Take the Cannoli
08/08Sat8:45amB/B/43/2308Pluckemin (Bedminster I)Michael Shapanka1049 - Pluckemin to 935 Feet-High in Tewksbury
08/08Sat8:45amC/C+/46/1852Kittatinny St. Park - Goodale EntranceArlene Whalen634 - KVSP/Goodale - To Hope & Back
08/08Sat9:00amC/C+/46/1852Kittatinny St. Park - Goodale EntranceSal Rizzo634 - KVSP/Goodale - To Hope & Back
08/08Sat9:00amD+/C/41/1263Pluckemin (Bedminster I)Andrew Stroukoff515 - Pluckemin-Three Bridges-Stanton
08/08Sat9:30amC/B/34/1951Harry Dunham ParkAlan Rishty809 - Liberty Corner-Taylors Mill
08/09Sun7:45amC/B/30/1578Denville Savage RdLynda DeLuca848 - Denville-Wildcat Ridge and Bagels
08/09Sun8:00amC+/C+/52/2381White Oak Park - BranchburgDave Hall1079 - Milstein's Magic Moment
08/09Sun8:00amD+/B/34/1749Kittatinny St. Park - Goodale EntranceDavid Drescher644 - KVSPGoodale Paralleling the Paulins Kill **CANCELED**
08/09Sun8:30amB/C+/41/1970Loantaka-South St., Morris Twp.Steven Lindner73 - Loantaka-AJ's One Ride
08/09Sun8:30amC/C/40/1276Colonial Park, Lot FSam (Sumant) Chandiramani223 - Colonial-Hopewell
08/09Sun8:45amC/C+/32/1452Loantaka-South St., Morris Twp.Sal Rizzo99 - Loantaka-Great Swamp Roundabout
08/10Mon8:00amC+/C/58/1865Colonial Park, Lot FRoy Fischman660 - Colonial Park-Lambertville
08/10Mon8:00amC/C+/30/1273Kittatinny St. Park - Limecrest Rd.Buz Tomasino426 - Kittatinny-Augusta Hill
08/10Mon8:30amD+/C+/30/1541Blackwell Parkchaim schreiber1223 - Federal Twist Folly
08/11Tue5:30pmTB/C+/30/1382Pluckemin (Bedminster I)Seth Cohen457 - Pluckemin-Mountainville 2
08/11Tue5:45pmTC/B/22/1571Central Park of Morris CountyDrew Thraen556 - Greystone - Jockey Hollow
08/11Tue5:45pmTD/C/24/891Pluckemin (Bedminster I)Mark Jay1041 - Deja vu - Whitehouse Again and Again
08/12Wed7:15amD+/B/31/1794Loantaka-South St., Morris Twp.David Drescher184 - Loantaka-Jockey Hollow
08/12Wed8:30amD+/C+/30/1541Blackwell Parkchaim schreiber1223 - Federal Twist Folly **CANCELED**
08/13Thu6:00pmTC/C+/29/1254Loantaka-South St., Morris Twp.Steve Bach640 - Loantaka-Liberty Corner #3
08/15Sat7:15amC/B/34/1749Kittatinny St. Park - Goodale EntranceDavid Drescher644 - KVSPGoodale Paralleling the Paulins Kill

Road Day & Evening

When choosing the pace you want to do, please consider:

    • if you are new to the club it is better to start with a slower pace and your work your way up to faster paces
    • choose the right pace for you on that day and don’t pigeon-hole yourself into a single pace classification. Factors impacting your pace include
    • terrain
    • how much you have been riding
    • who you are riding with
    • your conditioning
    • distance – note that you should increase the maximum length of your rides gradually. It is recommended that you do not attempt a ride any longer than 20% more than your longest ride of the season.

Pace classifications use average speed, which is the total distance divided by the moving time. This is the average speed reported by most by bicycle computers, although you might have to adjust the options to exclude time while not moving. It is critical to realize that your average speed is significantly less (typically 3/4 or less) than your “cruising” speed on flat terrain.


DAYTIME PACES  (Updated: April 2015)


Minimum Average Speed




18+ mph

Hard fast riding, few stops, slower riders will be dropped, frequent pace lines.


17 mph

For very fit cyclists, slower riders will be dropped, leader rides at listed pace, occasional pace lines.


16 mph

For fit cyclists, terrain varies, up to 30 miles between rest stops. Leader sweeps no slower than 16 mph.  BUT if there is a concurrent identical (same tour #, same start time) C+ ride, or the ride leader has posted “no sweep” in the ride comments, the leader rides a B pace and does not sweep.


14.5 mph

For accomplished cyclists, terrain varies, up to 30 miles between rest stops, leader sweeps no slower than 14.5 mph. If there is a concurrent identical (same tour #, same start time) C ride, the Ride Leader may choose not to sweep and depend on the C ride to look after slower C+ riders.


13 mph

For accomplished cyclists, terrain varies, up to 30 miles between rest stops, leader sweeps no slower than 13 mph.


11 mph

For experienced cyclists who want an easier pace, up to 20 miles between rest stops, leader sweeps no slower than 11 mph.


9 mph

Relaxed riding for experienced cyclists, easier terrain, up to 15 miles between rest stops, leader sweeps no slower than 9 mph (typically no longer than 35 miles and on terrain not more difficult than C+).



Relaxed riding, no steep hills, frequent stops, group stays together.

S (Special)


Special ride. Click on ‘More’ (after login) to read special comments.

Paces for evening rides have a T prefix to indicate that they are “training” rides. Training means that the rides are typically shorter, do not have rest stops and riders generally ride at a faster average compared to day rides.


Average Speed




18+ mph

Hard fast riding, few stops, slower riders will be dropped, frequent pace lines.


16.5+ mph

For very fit cyclists, slower riders will be dropped, leader rides at listed pace, occasional pace lines


15+ mph

For accomplished cyclists, terrain varies, leader sweeps no slower than 15 mph.


13+ mph

For experienced cyclists, leader sweeps no slower than 13 mph


11+ mph

For any cyclists who can average 11 mph and ride the posted distance without a rest stop, leader sweeps no slower than 11 mph


Ride leaders on A, B+, B, TA and TB rides are not required to sweep, so riders on such rides should either be confident that they can keep up with the pace of the group or be comfortable riding independently.

Ride Leaders on C+, C, D+, D, TC, TD and TE pace rides are required to sweep. However, riders on those rides must be able to average at least that minimum speed, making only the scheduled rest stops, or they may be dropped.


The terrain rating for a tour is determined by “average climb”. That is the total climb, as determined by ridewithgps.com as per the club’s map of the tour, divided by the length of the tour. Total climb is the total uphill climb ignoring the downhills. Note that the total climb as reported by ridewithgps.com is almost always lower than the climb reported by bike computers doing a route. That difference is “built into” the classifications below.

    • The ratings are:
    • Rating   Average Climb (ft/mile)
    • A           greater than 75
    • B           50 to 75
    • C+         40 to 50
    • C           25 to 40
    • D           less than 25

Two tours with the same terrain classification may have very different terrain profiles. For example one C+ terrain route may be relatively flat with one big climb, while another C+ terrain route may have lots of “rollers” but no big climbs. The best way to determine the type of terrain a route covers is to click the “MAP” link for the ride from the ride schedule and look at the terrain profile at the bottom of the ridewithGPS.com page for that tour.

Path & Trail Rides


     PACE: Varies with type, terrain and group. 
  • MB   Mountain bike required  (Bike with 26-inch or 29-inch knobby tires, flat bars)

  • HB   For MB’s or Hybrids (road-sized frame with flat bars, wide tires, pedals that allow EZ off and on)  Tires should be at least 28mm or 1 1/2 inches wide; some road bikes will accept 28mm tires, but road bikes not recommended.


    For MB  rides (Trail)
  • HT     Highly technical – may include steep climbs/descents, very rocky, large intentional obstacles, drop-offs – for very experienced riders only

  • MT     Moderately technical – may include some steep climbs/descents, water crossings, some rocks or roots – for lower intermediate riders and up

  • NT     Not technical – relatively smooth hard pack with few or no steep hills or obstacles – riders of all abilities

   For HB  rides (Path)
  • NH     Not technical for hybrid bikes. All HB rides will have an NH terrain rating. Trails are generally hard pack and may be partially paved – riders of all abilities. Road bikes with 28 mm tires OK, but hybrid still better.