To all MAF RIDERS AND RIDE LEADERS,                       7/13/2020

 -Since reopening June 15 I am pleased to report that we have had over 100 rides and I want to thank the ride leaders who have led these rides.  The more ride leaders we have the more rides that can be posted.  I ask all ride leaders to continue to post rides and if you want to become a ride leader let me know.  To get the ride leader award you only need to post 10 rides and you have until Oct 1.  Never too late!!!

-On another note if you sign up for a ride and decide you can’t make it please cancel yourself from the ride and please don’t wait 30 mins before a ride to cancel.  Jon Eiseman has set up a waiting list if a ride is full.  If a ride is full and you cancel from that ride the first person on the waiting list gets to ride.  If you are on a waiting list for one ride and join another ride please cancel yourself from the waiting list.

-I led a ride yesterday that was full at 10 and only 7 riders showed up.  This is very unfair to those who wanted to do my ride.

-Last week the Board voted to maintain 10 riders per ride but allowed riders to sign up 30 mins before a ride and allowed rides to be within 15 mins at same start point.  These ride guidelines were decided on by the Board to protect all riders and others during this COVID-19 pandemic.  The Board will be constantly revisiting these guidelines.

-One way to get around the limit that has worked this past weekend is to post multiple rides from the same starting point 15 mins apart but we need ride leaders to do this.  I led a C ride at 8:30am and Maddy led a B ride at 8:45am ride from Summer Rd, both doing same ride.  There were 3 D+ rides out of Kittatinny doing the same cue but 15 mins apart.

-Please be sure to update your profile.  After logging in hover over “Logged in your name” and select Edit My Profile.

-Any questions on how to work the new website or on the temporary Covid guidelines check the website when you log in.  Always remember selecting the Freewheeler logo top center brings you back to start of the website.

Stay safe,

Ride Coordinator