Safe Riding Enforcement Procedure

If members observe others riding unsafely, they should communicate their concerns privately to the offenders.

If there is no change in the conduct of concern, or if those concerns are not received constructively, the rider observing the conduct is encouraged to report it to the Ride Coordinator at, or in person. The Ride Coordinator will share this information with the Club President and the Safety Coordinator; they will investigate the issue and will use their judgment as to the seriousness of the offense. If they deem it to be warranted, they will speak to the offender about the conduct in question and request that he or she observe safer riding habits on Club rides.

If the offending rider is reported again for unsafe practices, the Ride Coordinator and Safety Coordinator will investigate and may choose to warn the repeat offender, either verbally or in writing, of the possibility of membership suspension if the conduct continues. Or, commensurate with the situation, they may immediately recommend to the Board of Directors a suspension of the rider’s membership in the Club for up to 6 months.

If after the end of such suspension, a rider re-offends, his or her membership in the Club will be indefinitely revoked. He or she may reapply to the Board of Directors for membership after one year. In this case the member may be asked to reapply in writing or to attend a Board meeting, at the option of the Board.

Please keep the goals of the club and the intent of this initiative in mind: we are here to enjoy safe and pleasurable riding with companionship. None of us is perfect – we all on occasion violate safe riding practices. We want to support each other in minimizing these occurrences while maintaining our environment of enjoyable and companionable riding. This procedure, overwhelmingly requested in our safety survey feedback, is one step toward that end.

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