Dear Ride Leaders,

FALL PICNIC-Our Fall Picnic will be held at Pickell Park on Sunday Oct 2.  I posted proposed rides for the picnic and we need ride leaders for each ride.  Email me if you want to lead one of the rides.  I made up 2 new rides for D+ and D and working on cue sheets.  These rides are not set in stone so if you have a recommendation that you want to lead let me know.  C ride is the most popular so I have 2 C rides and thanks to Tracy for volunteering to lead one of the C rides.  When I picked these routes I tried to have a rest stop for each ride,  stayed away from one side of Round Valley due to construction,  stayed away from Route 22 and uncontrolled crossings at RT202.  I have the B+, B and C+ rides heading to Sky Manor Airport and they can combine into 1 ride.

RIDE LEADER AWARD-As promised below is the latest ride leader report.  To qualify for the RL award you need to lead 12 rides by Sept 30(cancelled rides count 1/2 ride).  Thanks for helping MAFW by leading rides.

Ride Leader Report – Morris Area Freewheelers
LeaderLed RidesCanceled Rides
Sal Rizzo5816
Jeff Sperling518
Andy Milstein419
Barry Seip357
Sam (Sumant) Chandiramani283
Les Garber253
Eric Lavitsky231
John Storey2310
John Parsekian233
Arlene Whalen222
madeleine roese203
Tracy Brown151
Tom Flatley150
Len Friedman152
Vinny Catanzaro130
Jan Gorban131
Richard Poore132
Tony Fanelli131
George Diamantidis120
Barbara Delaney120
Seth Cohen123
Susan Smyth127
Jay Marowitz121
Christopher Hartmann110
Michael Shapanka116
Mark Baumeister110
Lynda DeLuca112
Joseph Reo102
Helene Motyka101
Paul Malinowski102
Arnie Cohen101
Michael Chenkin910
Manuel Coelho91
David Drescher96
George Ebel90
Noreen Drucker91
Fred Bennett92
Roy Fischman81
Paul Malarcher83
Marty Siegel80
Drew Thraen73
Petra Strickland70
Michael Regan60
Gregory Stec62
Dennis Sinauskas62
Marvin Schwinder61
Kathleen Caccavale50
Bobby Ebel40
Lou Blanco40
Jim Nielsen42
Mario Pompeo40
Betsy Eastwood31
Tom Beringer20
Dave Hall20
Martha (Marty) Pratt20
Michael Cloidt21
Jim Williams22
Muffin Williams20
Artur Holl20
Maurice Alvarez21
Chaim Nudell20
Elizabeth Jennison21
Larry Grossman21
Jack Brohal21
Valerie Cole12
Glenn Sutton10
Merritt Peterson11
Alex Cefalu10
Scott Raschke10
Xue Li10
Lisa Gentile10
Mariann Mann10
Craig Levin11
Michael Swearingen10
Jim Barnish10
Mark Jay12
Doug Gardner10
Greg Bassett12
George Decker10
Andy Boulcott01
mark brumbaugh01
Ed Steinman01
Len Sanders02
Mark Fischer01
Pam Gregory01

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