Follow the 4 C’s: Ride Schedule for soft opening June 15th!!


We will have a soft opening of our Ride Schedule on June 15th

Many of you will feel you need more time or information before you feel safe riding in a group.  Despite the Ride Schedule being open and active, if you are uncomfortable riding in a group under these conditions, don’t.  If you are uncomfortable leading a ride, don’t. 

Follow the 4 C’s

Avoid contact, confinement and crowds. And make realistic choices. 

For at least the first two weeks after opening the guidelines will be:

  1. DO NOT RIDE IF YOU ARE SICK. Please report any contact with a COVID sufferer to Amy Horn, our Safety Coordinator.
  2. Members must sign up ahead of time on the website. Do not just show up and expect to ride with the group.   You will have to sign up more than 30 minutes before the ride to allow the RL time to print the Sign In Sheet.  During this soft opening there will not be a ‘maybe’ option.  The RL will sign you in upon arrival. **You cannot bring guests to the ride**
  3. RLs will have the discretion to limit the group size of their rides. No ride will have more than 10 riders.  This will be posted in the ride comments.
  4. Ride distances should take into account the limited availability of rest rooms and food stops. 
  5. Every rider should be prepared with sufficient fluid and food for the duration of the ride.
  6. Every rider should bring a mask, bandana, or gaiter to be used pulled up pre- and post- rides and at all times when social distancing is impossible.  Try to leave a parking space between cars at the start points. You may wear your mask up when riding if you wish.  And, just like the new Major League Baseball rules – no spitting!  Bring tissue or a handkerchief and dispose of them properly.
  7. Every rider should bring a small container of sanitizing fluid to be used when applicable.
  8. Riders should maintain an appropriate distance while riding.  6 feet is too little, and 60 feet is probably excessive.  We should attempt to avoid bunching at intersections or when slowing for any reason. Use your good judgement.  We are all adults who have the best interest of our fellow club members at heart, as well as our own health and safety.
  9. The foregoing may not be waived by individual leaders. Additional restrictions may be added by individual leaders with the same force and effect as the foregoing.
  10. As always, ride leaders have the right to ask any rider to leave the ride when rules are not followed.

The Club may find it necessary to amend these guidelines based on experience or future announcements by local government authorities.  Please monitor the website.

We appreciate your cooperation!  After the first two weeks, who knows, we may be back in full swing.

Remember, we are all ambassadors.  Ride responsibly.

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