MAFW September 2022 newsletter

Hi Freewheelers,

Watch the website to see information on upcoming events, communication from our club president and ride coordinator, and ride guidelines.

Our Social Coordinator, Mary Nacius, is always in need of your help for a number of our activities. Please email if you are interested:

MAFW has 2 main guidelines or mottos that riders and ride leaders should follow:

  1. Nobody rides alone including the ride leader
  2. Ride leader sweeps for all rides except B and faster

Just a reminder that the September 2022 edition of our NL is online. To read: click

What’s in this issue:

1. How Our Bike Club Works by Jay Marowitz
2. Connect with the MAF Bike Club on Social Media by Tracy Brown
4. Here’s an eye-opener for drivers submitted by Rebecca P. Feldman
5. In Memory of Muriel Mota January 19, 1928 – August 9, 2022
6. MAFW Magic?? by Liz Jennison
7. Fall picnic Sunday October 2 from 9am-3pm at Pickell Park by Mary Nacius
8. FOURTEENTH ANNUAL MILESTONE PARTY Wednesday October 26 by Patricia Kipp
9. Girls in Gear is Looking for Volunteers
10. Know When Uncooperative Patients Can Refuse Care and Transport by Tony Marchand, MD
11. RAGBRAI by Roy Fischman
12. The Golden Age of Bicycle Racing in NJ – September 20, 2022 Bernards Township Library
13. Calendar — see website for details
14. Photo Gallery
15. The 2022 Penn Dutch Weekend by Roy Fischman
16. Inspiration
17. Poet’s Corner by John J. Burns
18. MAF Bike Adventures 2022 by Mark Jay
19. People Cycling
20. A Car Hits You While You Are On A Club Ride – What You Need to Know About Medical Bills by Mark Jay
21. Lake George Getaway: Friday afternoon September 9 – Monday, September 12, 2022 by Glen Hukins
22. Club Sponsors
23. Club Officers

Enjoying your E-bike, trike, gravel bike? Let’s hear about your experience.

Folks, many of you have taken some interesting trips this year or in the past. So why not share your stories & photos with fellow club members?

We welcome any articles that you feel would be of interest. WHEN YOU HAVE A SPARE MOMENT, PLEASE SEND ME A STORY AND PICTURES OF YOUR BICYCLING ADVENTURES. Submit any information by the 24th of the preceding month at the following email address:

If you have any issues with your login credentials, please contact Membership Coordinator Marvin Schwinder at the following email address:

Periodically Rob Greenberg will be instructing a no-cost CPR course sponsored by the Morris Area Freewheelers Foundation. For those interested, you can contact Rob by phone at 973.334.0125 or by email at for the next available session and more information.

Good Reading. Thanks,

Patricia Kipp

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