Today MAFW kicked off 2024 with three rides and 27 riders.  Could not ask for better weather for New Years Day.  Weather permitting, we will continue winter rides.  Thanks to Chris Hartman who will be once again kicking off indoor Zwift riding tomorrow.  I do have one resolution for ride leaders and that is to …

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To maintain your ride leader status, you need to lead at least one ride from Oct 1 to Sept 30.  If you did not lead a ride since 10/1/2022 and still want to maintain your status as a ride leader, just contact me by email.  We need you.  Thanks, Manny


Just a reminder Trek will supply bagels, coffee and juice and we will also have bananas and clementines.  Trek will also have door prizes. Trek is offering free safety bike inspections but you can skip the inspections.  However, you need the inspection for the special service package.  There will be a delay in the start …

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Trek Stirling was contacted, and they are looking forward to this club event and will be fully engaged with their top three mechanics.   They will have an outdoor fire pit and are providing bagels, cream cheese, juices and coffee. We will provide bananas and oranges.  Back in June when we did this event with Trek …

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TREK C+ RIDE-I cancelled the C+ ride because I could not get a ride leader to lead the ride.  If anyone wants to lead that ride I can repost the ride.  I have 2 riders who want to do the ride and I told them to do the C ride.  Looking for your help on …

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Weather looks great for riding so let’s not miss this opportunity.  In addition, Trek has offered to do free safety inspections of your bike and I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to make sure you are riding a safe bike.  Trek has also offered a special discounted service package to correct any deficiencies …

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Bon Ton Roulet 7/20/24 to 7/27/24

Registration for the Bon Ton Roulet will open 1/2/2024.  Seven of us from MAFW did it this past year and had a great time.  Involves 7 days of cycling/camping thru the Finger Lakes of New York.  Attached below is the web site for this event.  I plan on doing this event again and if you …

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MAFW December 2023 January 2024 Newsletter Available

Hi Freewheelers, Watch the website to see information on upcoming events, communication from our club president and ride coordinator, and ride guidelines. Our Social Coordinator, John Storey, is always in need of your help for a number of our activities. Please email if you are interested: MAFW has 2 main guidelines or mottos that …

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Crank Length

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT CRANK LENGTH FOR YOUR BIKE Choosing the length of the bike crank has always been an interesting topic. In fact, the correct crank length can improve both the biomechanical performance of the pedal stroke and reduce the risk of injury. The Crank Length The crank length represents the distance between …

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