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Protect Access to E-bikes in NJ

Dear Jim,

Right now, the New Jersey Legislature is considering a bill (S2292) that will require everyone who owns an electric bicycle (e-bike) to obtain registration and insurance. This bill would limit access to e-bikes across the state by creating barriers to ride. Your voice matters! Help protect access to e-bikes.

To view the pre-written letter addressed to your elected official visit the action alert page here. You can review before it is sent and feel free to add any personal comments in the letter that explain why this legislation would negatively affect your access to riding an e-bike.

Use the link below to send a letter to your representative!

Help us spread the word!

Encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to join the movement by sharing this email and the link to the digital letter on your social media channels. The more voices we gather, the stronger our message becomes.

Stay informed!

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