Rough Roads

There are several roads that many of you may have some misunderstandings and keep you from posting certain rides.

ROUTE 611-From Slateford, Pa to Delaware Water Gap, Pa Rt 611 is narrow, no bike lane and traffic. However, due to a rock slide that road is closed to cars but unofficially open to pedestrians and bikes.  It is one of the most scenic stretches in our library with Mount Minsi on one side and the Delaware River and Mount Tammany on the other side.

LAKE ROAD-Lake Road along Ravine Lake has some very rough stretches but is negotiable as long as you take it easy and enjoy the scenery but that is my opinion.

BLACK RIVER RD-From Hacklebarney Rd to Fairmount Rd there are some rough sections but some areas have been repaved so it is not as bad as it used to be.  It is a steep very scenic downhill thru Hacklebarney Park along the Lamington River.  I do recommend you use your brakes and keep your distance from your fellow riders.


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