We are back in the saddle again.  The ride schedule is open!

Good morning,

We are back in the saddle again.  The ride schedule is open!

Many thanks to Gen Benfiglio, Arlene Whalen, Les Garber and Arnie Cohen for starting us up again by leading four rides yesterday in four different start points.  And we have six rides today led by Fred Bennett, Barb Delaney, Marty Siegel, Kathi Caccavale, Xue Li and Pam Gregory. 

While these friends have jumped in and started leading rides again, we always need more ride leaders, and now more than ever while our ride sizes are limited.  You can contact our Ride Coordinator, Manny Coelho at ridecoodinator@mafw.org if you want to become a ride leader.  He will help you get started.

We have several new guidelines in place for the next couple of weeks, that we will be adjusting as the situation demands.  The guidelines can be found on the website.  During this uncertain period, we must all adhere to these guidelines.  Thank you all for your cooperation.

As of yesterday, all current members received a three-month extension of your membership automatically.  Your renew date was changed within the system and there is no action necessary on your part.

As I have mentioned before, there are several of you who will need more time before you feel comfortable riding in a group.  For you, we have left the cue sheet library open until the end of September.  You can use our tours to ride solo or with a buddy that you know well.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and enjoy this beautiful weather.

See you on the road.

Andrew Stroukoff

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