Check back within 2 hrs of Start for changes/cancellations. The number of ride sign-ups may be limited at the ride leader’s discretion and if it is limited, you will see a number in parenthesis after the tour name which indicates the number of sign-ups remaining.

Today 5/28 - Mon 5/29 - Tue 5/30 - Wed 5/31 - Thu 6/1 - Fri 6/2 - Sat 6/3

Start Pace/Terrain/
Starting PointLeaderTour/Ride Signup
9:30amC+/B/44/2308Pluckemin (Bedminster I)Michael Cloidt1049 - Pluckemin to 935 Feet-High in Tewksbury
9:30amC+/C+/45/2089ByramTom Sterk405 - Byram-Wild West